Canon PIXMA MG7120 Wireless Color Photo All-In-One Printer, Mobile Smart Phone and Tablet Printing, White


  • Print / Copy / Scan / Wireless
  • Wirelessly print from computer, tablet, phone, camera and Cloud
  • FINE print head technology (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering)
  • High performance 6 individual ink-tank system includes gray
  • 9600 x 2400 dpi maximum print resolution; 2400 x 4800 dpi max scan resolution

The MG7120 also allows you to print on CDs and DVDs, as well as load paper into the front of the printer.
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View larger PIXMA MG7120 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-In-One Premium Wireless All-In-One with 3.5” Touch Screen, Gray Ink and Exceptional Connectivity Options The PIXMA MG7120 is the ultimate Wireless Inkjet Photo All-In-One printer delivering superior photo printing performance and incredible versatility. The MG7120 prints gorgeous, borderless phot

$ 70.81

Canon PIXMA MG7120 Wireless Color Photo All-In-One Printer, Mobile Smart Phone and Tablet Printing, White

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  1. Neil Isenberg says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Review: Canon PIXMA MG7120 Color Photo Printer, Scanner, Copier, December 13, 2013
    Neil Isenberg
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    Canon PIXMA MG7120 Black/White/Red/Brown Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner and Copier


    This is a new sweet spot for the Canon PIXMA line with a lot of bang for the buck. This is the replacement for the still produced MG6320. The MG7120 has only been available since August 2013.

    [2015/11/01 Update: I put out a review for the MG7720, the replacement for the MG7520]

    [2014/12/09 Update: I put out a review for the MG7520, the replacement for the MG7120]


    – One more color than the MG5420/MG5320 models, GRAY, just like its MG6320/MG6220 predecessors. GRAY is for improved black and white results and to better darken colors. I haven’t seen the difference gray makes with color pages, but some reviewers can.

    – Has an ETHERNET connection, allowing a solid, simple shared/network wired connection that stays up even when computers are down. Its predecessors MG6320/MG6220 have it too, the MG5420/MG5320 models do not.

    – One of the few models that comes in WHITE (as well as BLACK, RED, and BROWN). The MG6320 before it started the white model option and it was a hit.

    – Has a handy separate 4″x6″ and 5″x7″ PHOTO PAPER DRAWER at the front. The year old MG6320/MG5420 models have this too, the older MG6220/MG5320 models before that did not.

    – Like the MG6320 before it, the MG7120 is a bit shorter/squatter than the earlier MG6220, which for some is a nicer form factor if on a desk and certainly if on a deep shelf, for example. The new design ditches the rear paper feed to help achieve its new shelf friendly size and form factor. Listed in a section below are some alternatives with rear/straight feed.

    – The 250/251 ink tanks, a little over a year old now, for the MG7120/MG6320/MG5420 also come in an XL SIZE now which reduces the page cost significantly. The ink in the 250/251 tanks are the same formula as in the earlier 225/226 ink tanks according to Canon support.

    – The touch screen content-sensitive interface of the MG7120 and MG6320 gets rave reviews, however, I find the old interface of the MG6220 just as easy, but the unanimity of positive reviews for it suggests it really is much better for many.

    – For copying/scanning the top comes easily off just like the MG6320 (unlike the previous generation MG6220).

    – The MG7120 (and MG6320 and MG5420 models) have 2x the number of black ink nozzles as their predecessors the MG6220/MG5320 models. This allows more efficient use of black ink and greater dot accuracy.

    – See “vs. MG6320” section below for details on printing directly from mobile.

    – With 10+ years of having a number of their products I have always found Canon to have great customer service, which for U.S. customers appears to be based out of Maryland and Virgina.


    – 5-15% faster printing for the MG7120/MG6320 than the older MG6220 depending on b&w vs. color, quality, etc.

    – Can print directly from CF memory cards on the MG7120/MG6320 models, unlike the older MG6220, if that is important to you. In addition can print from most SD/MMC/Memory Stick/xD-Picture card types, as always.

    – I am leaving out a laundry list of features and specifications you can read on the Canon site to keep the review focused on the big defining features/differences of this model.


    – This is new (Aug 2013) and as such can be expected to have more issues than after some time passes. On the other hand, this may just be an incremental modification to the MG6320 and so may not have this issue as much.

    – These 250/251 ink tanks are different for these newer MG7120/MG6320/MG5420 models than for the previous generation and thus are at this time (late 2013), a little harder to find available at stores, especially in XL sizes.

    – For copying/scanning, the lid telescopes up for books only to the thickness of around a cellphone, whereas the MG6220 telescoped up to around twice that. On the other hand the top COMES OFF easily now with the MG7120/MG6320.

    – NO BUILT-IN FAX, if this is important to you in an all-in-one. Perhaps you want to get a dedicated fax machine of your choosing near a phone line anyways, however if you are looking for a built-in fax the MX922/MX892 printers have one.

    – NO ADF (Automatic Document Feeder), if this is important to you in an all-in-one. The MX922/MX892 printers have an ADF.

    – No straight paper path. If this is important to you, consider the rear-feeding models like the MX892 listed in a section below. Keep in mind that the certified paper weight for non-Canon paper is still 17#-30# for MX892 and 17#-28# for MG7120, so not that much difference. Even the old MG6220 rear feed recommendation…

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  2. Mad Max says:
    566 of 581 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The Whole Truth on ink cost (please read & save lots of money). Ideal versatile printer. Does everything, installs itself., November 21, 2013
    Mad Max (Seattle, WA USA) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Canon PIXMA MG7120 Wireless Color Photo All-In-One Printer, Mobile Smart Phone and Tablet Printing, White (Office Product)
    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)

    We have tested a LOT of printers – and at one point or another, we have owned every brand of printer.

    I really wanted the MG7120 because I loved the last Canon PIXMA I owned. A fantastic versatile machine, great output, slim profile, and super cheap operating cost. But alas, but kids dropped the printer…TWICE! And it still worked!!!…but that second fall broke off the paper tray, so I ended up giving it away.

    So the bottom line is, I love the MG7120 even more. This is the first printer that works exactly the way it should. It basically installs itself, maintains itself, does *everything*, beautiful print quality, extremely low operating cost, and versatile enough for home or office.

    Yes it has some drawbacks but that doesn’t prevent me from giving it 5 stars.

    I could talk all day about this printer but here are some highlights:

    If you haven’t discovered the world of cloud printing, I strongly suggest downloading Google Cloud Print. You can cloud print with any printer, but this model comes cloud-ready (easier to install/use).

    Basically, you can print from anywhere in the world (as long as your printer is turned on). You can also print from just about any modern phone (with the cloud print app). This makes life easier, and it takes about 30 seconds to install Google Cloud Print on your PC, phone, or tablet.

    The cartridges that came with the printer have got to be starter cartridges. This was annoying, they only lasted a few days. I recommend ordering ink right away.

    The 6th ink cartridge (gray) seems to be a fairly new thing. I can only find this ink in 5-packs (not 6-packs – they are missing the gray), so the gray has to be purchased separately. Not a huge deal since ink is so cheap. This will probably change soon, but just be prepared.

    And here’s the cost-saving tip for ink:

    Modern generics are high-tech. Often, they use the exact same pigments (come off the same assembly line) & use the same chipsets, so the printer recognizes them (well, maybe 95% of the time).

    Here’s the catch: As I write this (November 2013) this is a fairly new Canon model, so there aren’t that many generic inks available. Basically, right now there is one dependable company – Printronic (links below). But give just 2 months, and there will be LOTS more companies making these inks, and the cost will come down even more.

    So today, these are the average prices I’m finding for ink replacement: $18.50 per 5-pack ($3.70 per cartridge) and/or $4.66 each per black cartridge (which are twice the capacity of the colors).

    Here are two good deals for ink replacement: ASIN # B00DMGF2Z2 & B00EA55G1E. Again, just keep in mind, these prices will be dropping dramatically at the first of the year. And also keep in mind, prices on Amazon fluctuate almost daily.

    Biggest Con:

    This printer seems to take forever to do just about anything. It set itself up completely on its own…but it said it would take 6-7 minutes, and really took about 25 mins. Booting up takes several minutes. It self-cleans every so often, which interrupts printing & takes several minutes. Powering down takes almost a minute. I still think this is worth 5 stars, but be prepared for this minor annoyance.

    Some other notes:

    * Sheet capacity is only about 50 sheets, and since we’re using in an office setting we’re refilling frequently. But the paper tray is super easy to pull out & restock.

    * Touch screen controls is super easy. We’ve never had to connect the printer to the computer via USB, and we’ve never had to tinker with drivers or settings – everything is on-board through the touch-screen control.

    * Scans are quick & easy, scanner works exactly as it should.

    * Copy mode is super easy. Just select “Copy” on the touch screen, then press the black/white or color button. One-touch copying for simple jobs, but it also has

    * The “special” paper tray handles envelopes, photo paper, and a variety of other unique print jobs.

    * With minor tinkering, you can get it to print legal size and also special jobs like CD/DVD printing (though I haven’t tried this – you need a printable disc to do this).

    * This is almost twice as heavy as the previous PIXMA, and the footprint is bigger. But the unit is still light enough to move around if needed, and the footprint isn’t anything to complain about.

    * A final note – I believe this unit is worth every penny, at around $150. But if you’re not quite certain you need all the bells & whistles (like the cloud print, & the gray ink for quality black/white photos), there are some less expensive PIXMA printers that work just as well for most people. For a small step down, check out the MX922 (around $120). For a starter model, try the MG5420 (under $90).

    Hope this…

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  3. Alligator Jack says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Better than expected, October 16, 2013
    Alligator Jack (Fremont CA) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    Had a Canon 4600 5 cartridge photo printer that printed beautiful photos exactly matching what I saw on my monitor. Also had a separate scanner that set on edge and was difficult to use. Decided to see if canon had an all-in-one that would take up less space on my desk and be able to scan easier. Checked Amazon as usual and found this wireless printer had just been released by Canon and was being carried by Amazon at a $35 promotion discount under their Prime free priority shipping program. Ordered one, put it on my desk in our bedroom, printed beautiful pictures and crisp email messages from my cell phone in the living room. Has one tray for 5×7 and 4×6 photo papers and another for letter, legal & envelopes. Tried everything. Everything works as well or better than advertised. Quality of photos and text exceptional. This may be due to the additional grey cartridge. Duplex printing quicker than my old printer. Also the printer has a quiet mode that I use. In fact, everything about this printer is better than any printer I have ever used. The installation instructions are precise, clear, easy to understand, and should be followed exactly. Do not try to wing it.
    I liked this all-in-one printer so well I ordered and had one shipped free directly to each of 4 grandchildren as early Christmas presents. They love them too.
    Just used printer for making a Hallmark birthday card for my wife. you only have to configure the printer once and it retains the configuration for future cards. Used Hallmark Program and Avery Card stock. Card printed beautifully. Colors accurate in colors and shading.


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